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Gas & Electric Freestanding Cookers

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Gas-electric freestanding cookers (also known as dual fuel cookers) typically have a gas cooktop with an electric oven contained within the unit. A great option for even the most discerning cook, gas-electric freestanding cookers offers the user, the best of both worlds. Gas cooktops have the advantage of instant and easy to control heat, and more even and consistent heating, meaning foods are cooked quicker, more consistently and evenly than the electric counterpart. Electric ovens, on the other hand, allow more precise temperature control, and produce a dry heat that is perfect for baking and roasts. Given there is a gas component with the gas electric freestanding cooker, your kitchen must have a gas connection and supply.

At Fridge and Washer City, our warm and friendly staff will happily assist you in choosing the best cooktop and oven for your needs. We will take into consideration the configuration and size of your kitchen, the size of the household, your particular cooking needs, your budget, and access to gas, before determining which cooker would work for you best.

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