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Electric Cooktops

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At Fridge and Washer City we have a great range of electric cooktops. Electric cooktops are available in two different varieties: Ceramic and Solid.

Ceramic cooktops have a completely flat surface made from premium reinforced glass. Giving your kitchen a stylish, sleek finish Ceramic electric cooktops are a popular, and more energy efficient, choice for modern homes. They are exceptionally easy to clean, requiring a simple wipe with a clean damp cloth. Given the flat surface, ceramic cooktops also can provide additional work space in the kitchen when not being used.

Solid electric cooktops have the cooking elements raised slightly from the surrounding cooktop surface. When in use and hot, these elements usually turn red to make the user aware that they’re on and hot. Solid cooktops, are a more traditional, less modern style of cooktop, and generally less energy efficient than its ceramic counterpart.

At Fridge and Washer City our range of electric cooktops range from 30-90cm. The best cooktop for your kitchen will be determined by the style and aesthetic of your kitchen, the size of the space available for your cooktop, and household size and cooking needs.

Our friendly staff at Fridge and Washer City will happily assist you with any questions you may have, and help you to pick the best cooktop for your needs.

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