Upgrading your old fridge, freezer or washing machine?

Get an even better deal on your new appliances from Fridge and Washer City with a trade-in on your old one.

We’ll even pick it up and take it away for you, as part of our top trade-in service.

When it comes time to upgrade, you’ll always get the best trade-in deal from Fridge and Washer City!

Please note that trade-in terms & conditions apply and very between store locations. Contact your local store to find out if they can assist with your trade-in.

Delivery Information

We offer different delivery options, BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD.
We are committed & enthusiastic about the products we sell. Most of all, we want you to be happy with your purchase and get the best out of the product you have purchased.
Ask us what option is right for you.

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