Perth asko appliancesHere at Fridge and Washer City, we offer the best possible deals on Perth Asko appliances. If you are looking to replace your worn-out existing washer or dryer, you should definitely consider an Asko dryer or Asko washer which is available in our Perth stores. If you have previously heard about Asko appliances, we are quite certain that you already know how great a brand it is. For the benefit of those who do not know anything about the Asko brand yet, allow us to tell you what it is about and what it stands for.

Asko appliances is a Swedish brand, now available in Perth, that was founded by a young farmer who was trying to make his mother’s life easier. Today, what started as a simple dream has now become a global brand which strives to continue to make life easier for everyone, young and old. Asko has an exceptional reputation of creating premium quality Asko appliances that are designed to give you fully-functional machines that will last a long time. What is great about this brand is that they care for the environment just like we do. With that in mind, they have created products that will allow you to save water and energy compared to using other known brands. This means that you will not only be able to do your bit for the environment, but you will also be able to save some money on your electricity bill and your water bill.

If you would like to know more about any Asko product, feel free to come to any of our Perth stores and take a look at an Asko washer machine or any other Asko appliance. We are pleased to inform you that many of our ongoing in-store promotions also apply to several types of Asko appliances. This means you can even trade-in your old fridge or washer, and get a new Asko appliance. This means you can get a brand new, high quality, Asko appliance with a significantly smaller cash outlay. Some of you may be worried that you do not have a vehicle big enough to carry the old machine to our stores, or cannot deliver the appliance for any other reason. No need to worry because we can help you out. We can set up an appointment to pick up your old machine for you and deliver it to our stores. Furthermore, we can also deliver your new Asko dryer (or any other type of appliance that you choose to buy),from any of our Perth stores. This means you do not have to worry or stress about a single thing. All you have to d
o is pick a product that you like because just like Asko, we also aim to make your lives easier by offering pickup and delivery options. Our service does not end there; we can also install the Asko dryer orAsko washer machine that you purchased from us.

New for old trade ins are the quickest, easiest, hassle free option when replacing your old appliances for new. No need to sit around and wait for someone to buy your item in order to get a new Perth Asko washer machine or any other appliance for that matter. We will make sure that the trade-in process will be as quick and easy as possible. However, do take note that product availability and trade-in options may vary per store. Be sure to check with our store personnel if we have the Asko washer that you want in any of our Perth stores. If it is not available in the store you visited, we can help you out and check with our other stores for availability.

What are you waiting for? Visit any of our locations at Joondalup, O’Connor, Morley, and Albany. We will surely have an Asko washer that you have always wanted. You can never go wrong with buying a Asko washer from our Perth stores We will make sure that you will have a hassle-free and stress-free shopping experience. We have knowledgeable personnel who will be able to recommend the best Asko washer for you and your family. Drop by any of our Perth stores today so we can deliver and install your Asko washer machine in no time.