Perth Asko appliances has been known to create products that will have less impact on the environment. They have been known globally because of the high quality products and products that are more efficient. Choosing an Asko eco washer means that you are choosing to help lessen the negative impact on the environment. So you may ask how is it possible that an Asko eco washer machine is less harmful to the environment compared to other well-known brands? For one, an Asko washing machine is not only designed to clean your clothes effectively but it is designed to use less water compared to other standard washing machines and even high-efficiency washers. Just by switching to an Asko washing machine, you can save thousands of gallons of water per year. That means you can do your share of helping the environment by significantly reducing your laundry water consumption. With an Asko eco washer , you not only help the environment by saving water but you can also save money because of lower water bills.

Perth asko appliancesAnother beneficial feature of an Asko eco washer is it consumes less energy compared to a standard washing machine. It means it is far less harmful for the environment since it produces lesser amount of greenhouse gases. And of course, the lower energy consumption translates to huge savings on your electricity bill. You can be assured of this since the Asko eco washer machine has a 5-star energy rating, a crucial feature when considering the ever increasing energy prices in Perth. Moreover, with an Asko eco washer machine , you can connect to your hot water and cold water taps. That means the machine will not need to heat up cold water anymore since it is already getting hot water from what you already have. Also, to reach your desired temperature, it will mix the hot and cold water. The only time that the Asko eco washer will heat up water is when your desired temperature is over 50 degrees Celsius. This is a great feature that allows the machine to consume less energy thus making it more energy efficient

At Fridge and Washer City, we like to give our buyers a whole lot of different options. That is why we offer efficient appliances that will allow you to save on energy and water bills just like Asko appliances available in our Perth stores. You can never go wrong with an Asko appliance especially if you take into account the long term savings that you will incur due to reduced electricity and water bills.

Now you are thinking that you want to go get an Asko eco washer machine but do not have the means to buy it yet. Not to worry because at Fridge and Washer City we offer installment options that will allow you to purchase any type of Asko appliances in Perth, be it a washer or dryer. We make sure that the installment options that we offer are easy on the pocket so you can have the appliance that you have always dreamed of without breaking the bank. No need to wait until you have all the money saved up. You can have the Asko eco washer when you need it. With our interest free finance options, you can take home any appliance without having to worry about exorbitant interest rates. We have partnered with HSBC Credit Card so you can take advantage of this interest free option. You have the option to pay in a 6 month, a 12 month, or even a 24-month timeframe. Just choose the option that meets your budget and one that works best for you.

What are you waiting for? Check out a Asko eco washer and other appliances at the nearest Perth location to you. We have branches in Albany, Joondalup, Morley, and O’Connor. When you are ready to purchase, feel free to ask one our friendly store staff about the different types of delivery options that we offer. So you do not have to worry about how to deliver the Asko eco washer to your house. Our staff will only recommend a delivery option that is right for you.

You can never go wrong with buying a Asko eco washer machine here at any Fridge and Washer City Perth location. With our easy installment and delivery options, it will surely be a hassle-free experience for you. We value customers like you here at our store so we strive hard that you will have a shopping experience like no other. Do not wait until our Asko eco washer machines run out, get yours one today.