Perth Asko appliances is a brand that you can trust to make your everyday life simpler. What started as a young farmer’s simple dream to make his mother’s life easier is now making the lives of a lot of people easier every day. The brand has grown globally and is now known for producing a range of appliances that are high quality, economical and reliable. Furthermore, Asko appliances is renowned here in Perth, and worldwide as a brand that greatly cares for the environment. They design products that are not only durable and functional but environmentally-friendly as well.

asko dryer PerthWith products that are built to last, savvy consumers in Perth and around the world choose Asko appliances. They trust that with a brand like Asko they will have products that are top of the line and also products that will help them in doing their part for the environment.

Yes, you have read that right. Choosing Asko means you are choosing to do your share in helping the environment. You may ask how is that even possible. Well, Asko appliances are products that can boast high energy and water ratings. Using Asko products for your laundry needs means you are using less water and less energy. Compared to other top brands, Asko washers use less water for your laundry. That means you and your family will be able to save thousands of gallons of water per year. An Asko washer and other Asko appliances available in Perth, are designed to consume less energy as well. That only means one thing, you will have lower electricity and water bills just by using an Asko appliance.

Other than energy saving features, an Asko dryer also has some other clever features that will make you strongly consider replacing your existing dryer . With this dryer, you can choose a specific type of drying program that will suit what you are trying to dry best. For example, you want to dry your pillows, you can go ahead and choose the “auto down program.” This program will make sure that pillows, comforters, and the like,dry inside and out. The Asko dryer will choose how long it will dry the product. It will automatically adjust the drying time based on the load that you have put in. That means the dryer will not run unnecessarily so you do not waste energy on it. It has temperature sensors that will allow it to stop when the items of clothing are already dry. If you have little kids and are worried that they may harm themselves with the dryer, you have no reason to do so when you are using an Asko dryer. It has child safety features so that little kids will not be able to open the dryer by themselves.

Here at Fridge and Washer City, we offer an extensive line of Asko appliances at all of our Perth locations. You will be sure to find an Asko model that suits your needs and fit your home’s design aesthetic. We are also glad to inform you that we offer repair and service for Asko appliances in Perth. You can put your mind at ease should your Asko dryer have any mechanical issues . If your Asko dryer were to not function, you can be assured that we have skilled mechanics in Perth who will be able to repair the product for you. We have years of experience in the field so you can be certain that you will get the best service possible if you need to have your Asko dryer repaired. It is also to your advantage that we offer warranty on the repair services that we offer. Our team of professional mechanics can do service and repairs right in your home or in our workshop whatever is more convenient for you. However, do take note that not all stores offer on-site service and repairs.

We are also happy to inform you that we offer interest free installment options when you purchase a Asko dryer or any other kind of appliance at our Perth stores. We have payment terms that will surely meet whatever budget you may have. We strive to make buying appliances convenient for our customers that is why we offer convenient delivery and installation options as well. Feel free to ask any of our staff about the different delivery options that we offer. Visit any of our local stores today so you can get your hands on Asko appliances in Perth..